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Sunstone Associates specializes in providing services to injured workers including mental health therapy.

Counseling sessions include the development of an individualized goal-orientated plan to help workers adjust and successfully return to work.

How Mental Health Therapy Helps Injured Workers

Experiencing a work-related injury or illness can cause an individual to experience a great deal of stress. It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from symptoms that may cause functional impairment to one’s mental and emotional health.

There are often many issues that an individual faces following a work-related injury or illness. One often encounters stress associated with an unclear course of medical treatment, pain, fear associated with re-injury, difficulty sleeping, unknowns regarding future employment, financial difficulties, and a grieving process related to the loss experienced with activities that have become more difficult or impossible to perform.

Mental Health Treatment Through Masters Level Pilot

Due to a limited number of mental health providers available to support injured workers, as of 1/1/20 The Washington Department of Labor has begun a new pilot to allow licensed master’s level mental health therapists to provide treatment to injured workers. This means there are now more providers available to support injured workers.

Mental health treatment through this pilot will be provided one of two ways:
- Behavior Health Intervention Sessions
- Treatment for an Accepted Mental Health Condition Related to the Claim

Behavior Health Intervention Sessions provide support with issues that are considered to be related to the physical diagnosis on the claim, addressing behaviors that are affecting the injured worker’s ability to recover and return to work. The focus on treatment is often related to helping the client develop coping strategies and target psychosocial barriers impacting their recovery. With approval from the attending healthcare provider, injured workers can access up to 8 sessions with no cost to them, with no need for prior authorization. In some cases, additional sessions may be requested and approved.

The other way mental health treatment through this is pilot can be provided is when there is an accepted mental health condition on the claim. Though licensed master’s level therapists are not allowed to assess and diagnose mental health conditions that are suspected to be claim-related, but once services for the psychological condition have been authorized, treatment for the condition can be provided. The focus and length of treatment is determined based on the individual needs of the client.

How Are Referrals Handled?

Sunstone has licensed mental health therapists throughout Washington State who are able to provide mental health services to injured workers, providing both in-person and telehealth sessions. Start the referral process by filling out the form here.

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